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Google MyBusiness: what you need to know

Google MyBusiness is critical if you want to be found on Google, especially if you’re a small business starting out. Speaking as an eCommerce professional, having a Google MyBusiness listing is just as important as having a phone number.

Google MyBusiness is extremely important for SEO purposes as Google is now giving priority to localized results.

Google MyBusiness example

An example of what a Google MyBusiness listing would look like in a Google Search

What is Google MyBusiness?

Google MyBusiness is the equivalent of being listed in the Yellow Pages back in the day. By being listed on Google, your business will appear when people are searching for your business or businesses similar to yours on Google Search or Google Maps.

You can update your listing to include your address, phone number, website, and business hours. By being listed, customers can also provide your business with reviews and rank the quality of your products or services.

The best thing about Google MyBusiness: it’s free!

Do you control your account?

If your business has existed for a few years already, chances are that you may already be listed in Google MyBusiness. If this is the case, act quickly to take control of your account; otherwise, not-so-well-meaning competitors may end up taking over your listing.

In order to take control of your listing, you’ll need to apply for a verification code, which will be sent to you by postcard.

Keep your listing up to date

Did your business change its phone number? Is your business closed because you’re on vacation? If so, make sure that your listing is up to date. Nothing ruins a customer experience more than when they Google you, show up at your business only to find out that your business is actually closed when your listing said that you’re open.

Make sure that you add relevant and up-to-date photos to your listing. Photos of your storefront are ideal to enable customers looking you up on Google Maps to identify you when they’re trying to find directions. Photos are also a great way of not just keeping your listing up to date, but optimizing your listing as well.

Customer reviews

Ask your customers to provide you with reviews and rank you on your listing. You can easily provide your customers with a link that will enable to them to do this.

One thing about customer reviews is that they can be positive or negative. Google does not let you delete negative reviews; however, customer reviews that violate Google policies can be removed. In order to do this, you’ll need to flag the offending review.