Hello there, it’s good to meet you!

Joshua Sunga, eCommerce and Digital Marketing Professional

A little bit about me…

My name is Joshua Sunga. I am an eCommerce and Digital Marketing professional. I’m passionate about helping customers find what they’re looking for on the Internet.

I currently work as an eCommerce Business Coordinator at Best Buy Canada.

I have a Certificate in Digital Marketing from RED Academy as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of British Columbia. I am currently pursuing an Associate Certificate in Marketing Communications at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

My personal background is a bit unconventional. I was born in the Philippines, spent a significant part of my childhood in Indonesia and Australia before coming to Canada for my undergrad. You can say I’m well traveled.

How I got here

I studied Political Science with the intention of pursuing further studies in law. However, I ended up taking a different direction. Instead, I immersed myself in the non-profit world for six years through AIESEC, which gave me leadership opportunities on-campus and life-changing experiences in Singapore and Mongolia.

After returning to Canada, I dabbled (and failed miserably) in accounting, and then soon found myself in the world of eCommerce. I got my first big boy job with Lazymeal as the company’s only customer support employee. As the company quickly grew, I quickly gained more responsibilities. In addition to customer support, I also found myself dispatching delivery drivers as well as dealing on a daily basis with Lazymeal’s growing corporate client base.

Eventually, I got hired at Best Buy Canada’s eCommerce department, where I am responsible for merchandising pages in the Computing, Wireless, and Digital Imaging categories, along with setting up and maintaining discounts and promotions and providing support during critical online events.


During my spare time, I like to binge watch on Netflix and think of ways I can support Daenerys Targaryen in reclaiming her rightful place on the Iron Throne. I also like to swim and I definitely try to go to the gym.